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Friday, January 23, 2015

A Crochet Christmas 2015 Challange

January is almost gone and I bet, like me, you are soooo done with Christmas and don't want to see another decoration till at least November!  Well I'm with you believe me....but I have been admiring this Christmas tree which is featured on Skip to my Lou blog....
and I thought it would be loads of fun to have a Christmas tree this year all decked out in crochet!

 My boys are grown now, the youngest having just graduated from high school last spring and I am "down-sizing" Christmas.  I simply don't feel the need to put up the big 9 foot tree and fuss over all the fancy decor anymore.  It's tiring and I'm just getting too old.  I hope to get a nice little 6 foot "slim" tree that I can decorate without dragging in the ladder! And wouldn't it be nice to unpack and store crochet ornaments...nothing to break...just toss them all in a box, no worries!

 Well, it's going to take some time to make dozens of thought if I started making those dear little things now...maybe I would have enough to at least get the 2015 tree off to a descent start.  

My plan is to make at least one ornament a week all year.  That's about 48 ornaments or so.  I hope I can accomplish more than that, but 48 would be a nice start even if I have to add traditional bulbs this year.  Maybe by Christmas 2016   I could have that tree covered in crochet.  I love the idea of making the granny square tree skirt too and maybe some stockings as well.  This may be a little ambitious since I have other projects to keep up with, but I'm going to give it a whirl. 

Last week I worked up these cute little stockings by Angie which I found at Le monde de Sucrette.  They are quick and easy to make and the instructions are free.  I just love them!
And I've found many other adorable ornament patterns for free that I would love to make.  Most of them look very easy...a few look a little more involved.  I am also working on some simple "Grandma's Knickknacks" ornaments which are based on my "Grandma's Knickknacks Blanket" motifs which I will be posting soon. 

There is a group on Ravelry called Crochet Christmas  where members share things that they make throughout the year for Christmas, including crocheted gifts.  I have joined the group and will be sharing my ornament projects there as well as here at "Laurel's Place".

 If any of you are interested in taking up a similar challenge for Christmas 2015, let me know.  I would love to see any of your homemade crochet ornaments and decorations!  P.S. You can also let me know it I'm nuts...HO HO HO!


  1. What a lovely idea to make something each week. Over the years I've accumulated a vast amount of knitted and crocheted Christmas ornaments. My daughter's have banned me from making more, but I always sneak in a few new ones each year.

  2. Oh, Laurel, your tree will be beautiful decked out in its crochet splendor! Hmmm.... I love that idea, but last year I decided to just put my tree up with lights and no ornaments... I have to say I really enjoyed the simplicity (and the ease). Still, I think I could enjoy some Christmas banners to hang about! I'm going to think on that. I love your stockings and look forward to seeing all you will do through this year! Those stockings would make a cute banner! The brain is twirling! Thank you for your inspiring post. blessings ~ tanna

  3. I love this idea!!!! I've just started a bunting with your Grandma's Knickknack Bobbles and I'm really liking it already. I made an owl last year, kind of a variation of a Granny circle and I've made a few of the stockings from Sucrette.


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