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Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Showers Brought....Lots of Crochet Flowers

The last day of April is here and so it's time once again to share how my projects are shaping up.  First of all my April blocks from the 2015 Block-a-month Crochet-along group on
The main block for this month is a brand new pattern by Joyce Lewis called Romantique.  This was an interesting block to make as it starts out in sort of an x shape that transforms into a square.  It's such a lovely pattern and so many beautiful interpretations of this square were also worked up by other Cal members.  It brings to mind a fluttering butterfly in a spring garden.
Joyce has several gorgeous block patterns and is best known for her ever popular Crocodile Flower Pattern which I made earlier this year:

The filler block for April which won the most votes by the Bam Cal members is called Sun Catcher Afghan Square  and was designed by Julie Yeager.  Here is how I worked it up for my "Flowers and Lace" blanket:
Julie is one of the queens of afghan blocks.  She has designed so many lovely squares and this is truly one of them!  This pattern will be available for download free until the end of the year.  I also made this block up in a more traditional "sun catcher" style for another blanket project I am working on which I am calling "No Flowers Allowed!" which is sort of a "guyghan" that will be a masculine blanket....
...hey I'm surrounded by guys in my home!  I have a husband and three handsome sons, but no daughters.  Consequently, the blocks I have made for this blanket get rave reviews in this house!    Here are a few more blocks I have made up for my No Flowers Allowed!...

This one is called Crochet Fan Club by Justina Schneeweis
I really love the granite look of the dark grey yarn that I am using in this colorway. It's Vanna's Choice "Dark Grey Heather".  I am also using Vanna's Choice Cranberry, Brick, Honey and Linen. 

This one is See How They Run by Margaret MacInnis.

This one is called Larksfoot Inspired Granny Square by From Home Crochet.
And finally this one is called Wishful Thinking also by Justina Schneeweis who's patterns are very clever and fun to make!
For this blanket project, I am using a 5.0(H)  hook and my finished squares measure 11 inches. 

Now...back to my Flowers and Lace Blanket project...I have a few more additional "non CAL" squares that I made this month.  Here they are:
This is yet another fun pattern by Justina Schneeweis called Fan Dance

This is a new pattern #4033 Crochet Square by Mypicot.

I just love this simple block designed by Melinda Miller called Blooming Granny!

and finally, I finished this brand new block pattern called Spring Burst Square by Maria Bittner.

Here is a look at all the blocks I have made so far for my Flowers and Lace blanket:
You can find links to the patterns for the other blocks featured in this pic on my previous posts.

If you are a Crocheter or Knitter, and have not joined, I hope you will soon!  There are literately thousands of free patterns and millions of project ideas.  It is also a great way to keep track of all your Knit and Crochet Projects and share them with other people!  There a hundreds of Groups you can join and loads of people to help you out when you need it.

I will sign off today with an update on my Sophie's Universe CAL progress.  Here she is blocked and done through Part 15.  
BTW, there is a group on Ravelry called Look What I Made where loads of people share their progress on the Sophie's Universe Cal.  Information on my Sophie can be found on my Ravelry Sophie Project page and on previous posts.  Sophie's Universe Cal info can be found at Look what I Made.

 Have a wonderful day and Happy Crocheting my friends!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My March Madness!

March is quickly coming to an end and it's time to share my February Blocks from the Ravelry 2015 Bam Cal Group.
This is the March Main block called Emma Lynn designed by Carolyn Christmas.  It was designed especially for this crochet-along group.  What a fun pattern to make with well written instructions. 

This one is the February Filler Square called Sprio Star.  It was designed by Helen Shrimpton who is a new designer on Ravelry.  This pattern seemed to be a favorite of the group as it has a uniquely textured design.

Last but definitely not least is this cute little 6" square called Bobby Flower designed by Mad Blanketer.
The 2015 Ravelry Block-a-Month Crochet-Along Group has been such fun for me.  It is so nice to get on the discussion threads and see everyone else's squares and all the variety one pattern can produce!  I feel I have become quite addicted to crocheting since joining.  It's so nice to make something completely new each time!  I'm pretty sure I have developed OCD...Obsessive CROCHET Disorder!
Apparently I am finding it impossible to stop at just 2 squares a just had to make more....and more... Thus "My March Madness."  Here are a few others I have done this month outside the Cal group.
 This one is called Lotus Pavillions also designed by Helen Shrimpton.  Obviously Helen is a VERY talented designer!  I look forward to seeing a lot more from her in the future!

This pretty design is by Marta Chrzanowska and is called Flower Tile Afghan Square.

This block is designed by Jessica Phillips and is called Roadside Flower.

This Beauty was designed by "e" Lee is called Starburst Flower Mandala

Here is the beautiful Crocodile Flower Pattern designed by Joyce Lewis which I made last month but had not posted yet...

And this is how my blanket is shaping up.  I am already thinking about how I want to join it all together when I am done with all the squares.
If you are interested in joining the Ravelry 2015 BamCal Group it is never too late.  All the info can be found on the above link.  If you would like links to any of these patterns just click on the Ravelry button on the right side of my blog page and it will take you to my Ravelry Project Page where you can see all my projects with information on the yarn and hook size I used and links to the patterns.

Next I have got to share with you my Sophies Universe Cal project.  I'm finished through Part 10 of this Mystery Crochet along featured on
  This blanket pattern is designed by Dedri Uys and is probably the most addictive project I have ever worked on.  Like the Bam Cal blocks, this project never gets boring!  Each round is a new adventure!  It's very hard to put poor family cringe when they see me working on it because it generally means fast food take out for supper! The Cal has 20 parts, with a new part being released  every week.  The final project is slatted to be done at the end of May.  Boy will I  go into withdrawal this summer!  Thousands of crocheters are working on this project and every blanket is a work of art!
Also, like the Bam Cal group, it is never too late to start this project.  But I warn you... it is hard to stop it once you start! 
Information on the yarn and hook size that I am using can also be found on my Ravelry Project Page here.

I have had a busy Crochet month!  I haven't forgotten my Christmas 2015 project.  Here are a couple more ornament patterns that I have worked up.
These adorable little bumble bees were designed by Janet McMahon of Yellow Pink and Sparkly.

These cute little mushrooms are a Drops Design

Information on materials and pattern links for these ornaments can also be found on my Ravelry Project Page.

I can't wait for the April BamCal blocks to come out which I will be sharing very soon!
Blessings my Friends and Happy Springtime!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tropical Delight Square Photo Guide For Rounds 1-9

Here is my latest crochet feat!  I made this square to go with my Ravelry Block a Month Crochet Along blanket project.
This beautiful crocheted square is a pattern called Tropical Delight and it was designed by Susan Stevens.  The pattern, which has been out of print for some time, was recently made available for free by mellie of
 After I made this square, I posted a picture of it on a Ravelry forum thread, where it garnered a lot of interest!  But because it is a very, very involved....and challenging pattern, I thought it would be nice to have a photo guide of the first 9 rounds to go along with the pattern. Hopefully... it will make the instructions a little more clear. 
This is only a photo guide with minimal notes. If you would like to make this pretty square, you will need to visit and print out the pattern.

My square finished measures 10 inches.  I used worsted weight yarn and a 4mm (G) hook. 
yarn colors are Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Solids: Pink and Taupe and Loops and Threads Impeccable Solids: Rouge, Fern and Aran

Round 1
 Beg-sh-pc: I worked the 3dc into the side post of the beginning sc...I think that is what Fig 2 on the pattern is showing

finish the popcorn

 beg-sh -pc made

 chain 3

sh-pc-A:  Tr in ring

 3 dc into the base of the tr as in Fig. 3 of pattern

 Finish popcorn

 sh-pc-A made

 Two popcorns made, ch3

 continue around until you have a total of 8 popcorns: 1 beg-sh-pc and 7 sh-pc-A
Fasten off

Round 2
(This will be your first round of petals)

Petal 1

 after the ch5 you are going to turn your work to the back side as in the picture below

 slip st in the next ch3-sp, ch3 

 then you turn your work back to the front
 and make 10 dc in the ch5 space you just created

remember the ch3 does not count as one of the 10 dc, ch1

slip stitch in next ch-3 sp

Petal 2-6 
After you chain 5 turn your work to the back side again and slip st to the left of the previous sl st as shown below


 ch3 and turn your work back to the front side and make 10dc in the ch5 sp as shown below

Remember to ch1 after the 10 dc

 Petal 7

After working your 10dc and ch1 of petal 7, you will now slip stitch to the left of slip st in the next ch-3 space as shown below

 Petal 8


 turn work to back side slip st to the left of the slip st in next ch-3 space as in photo below

chain 3 

and turn work to the front side, work 10dc in ch-5 sp, ch1 and then sl st into post of first slip st of second petal made as shown below

 Round 3
(this will set up for your second round of petals)


and slip stitch  abound base of ch-3 of first petal made as shown below (that is to the right)

 ch3, and working backwards to your right, slip st in back loop only of sixth dc (fifth from the left) of petal as shown by the arrow below.

ch7 and slip st in first dc of the same petal 
(this time through both loops) as shown below (remember the ch3 does not count as a dc, do not slip st in the chain 3)

 chain 5 and still working backwards, slip st in back loop only of sixth dc in next petal as shown below

 ch7 and slip st in first dc

 continue around and your flower should now look something like the one in the photo below

Round 4
(this will be your second round of petals)

sc over the joining slip st (that's right, sc right over it)
 now you are only going to work in the ch-5 spaces...skip all the ch-7 spaces...and work (sc, 9 dc, sc) in each ch-5 space around as shown in the photos below

 see the skipped ch-7 space in photo below

 This is how it should be looking:
 end of round 4

Round 5

This round is pretty self explanatory.  I used pink instead of white to show you the can use a different color too if you choose.

Round 6
(This will be the round that creates the leaves)

begin round 6 as instructed

 You will be making your shaped popcorn stitches into the middle chain of the ch7 that you skipped in round 4 as shown below

 follow the instructions and make your shaped popcorn-B as shown in photos below:

be sure and slip stitch into the same center chain as shown below
 continue following the directions for your shaped popcorn-c again using the same center chain 

 slip st in back loop of middle dc of petal and continue around as shown below

 at the end of round 6, your flower should look like the one below:

Round 7
(This is the round that forms the buds between the leaves)

The pattern does not specify, but we will assume the sc in center petal of this round is through the back loop only
 Sc right over the slip st from the last round as shown below
 ch 2

 front post slip st tightly around  top of next pc which is the next petal as shown below

 make shaped popcorn-A into center ch of ch-7 loop, in the same place as the popcorn leaves as shown below

 after making both buds you ch2 and again tightly front post slip st around the next leaf (you will be making FPSlst's around every leaf as you go sure not to skip any!)
 continue around following your instructions around

 at the end of round 7, your flower should be looking like this:

Round 8
(this will form your third round of petals)

Look at figure 5 on your instructions to see where to place the first two slip sts
first slip st:
 second slip st:
 In this round you will be making a front post dc around the leaves, right over the FPSlst you made in the last your instructions carefully and don't forget this is a FPdc (not FPSlst) around every leaf  as shown in photos below:

 continue following the directions, don't forget the ch1 before the 5dc.
 I didn't get a picture of this step but next you are making a FPsc around the popcorn bud.  You will be making a FPsc around every bud and a FPdc around every leaf in this round.

between the buds you are making (3dc, ch1, 3dc) as shown in the photos below

 continue following your directions carefully for this round making sure you are making a FPsc around all buds and a FPdc around all leaves

 Below is what your flower should look like at the end of round 8:

Round 9
(this will be the first round of your background)

You will be working over the chain from round 7 between the stitches of round 8 and working on the back side of the flower as shown below:

sc into space specified on pattern, ch2...
 and dc in sc from round 7 as shown below

 ch2 and again sc in space specified on pattern as shown below
 ch2 and this time dc in space specified in pattern and shown below. (you dc here because you are setting up for the corner)

follow the directions for the corner...Tr trs are so fun!
 continue around following your pattern.  

 This is what you should have at the end of round 9:
Soooo pretty!
After this round it gets easy and I think you can handle it on your own!

I sincerely hope these photos helped.  This is a very difficult pattern to follow but it is also difficult to show everything in a photo.  
Best wishes my friends and happy hooking!